7 Risk Management Metrics to Track

We all know that managing risk across projects, programs and your entire portfolio, is important. Risk management is something that’s embedded into the way businesses are run and into project management methodologies. However, beyond the risk log, what kind of tracking do you do on risk?

In this article we will share seven metrics you can use to track the way risk management is being managed in your project teams. First, let’s look at why you should bother tracking risk in this way at all.

Why Track Risk Management Metrics?

Typically, risk management approaches allow you to actively manage risk within a defined area of the business, like a project. That’s good, and necessary, and needs to continue. However, this kind of risk management doesn’t tell you how good the business is at identifying and managing risk overall. It doesn’t flag up areas where people managing risk might be struggling, and it doesn’t help you identify where your risk management processes might need a little work.

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