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8 Things Project Managers Can Do To Build A Culture During Project Planning

While running a two-day culture building session for a large program recently, one of the attendees remarked 'I had no idea working on projects could be this fun!'.The funny thing was, the project hadn't started yet. This is the benefit of investing in creating a project culture before you start a project; people want to be involved and to make it successful without fully understanding the details.

Too many project managers still don't do this. They don't take the time, effort and money to create a brand, a purpose and a sub-culture for their project. They still think that writing a schedule at their desk is all that's required to create a 'plan'. They're wrong.

On the other hand, you have senior managers who don't see the point in investing time and money in planning and just want project managers 'to get on and do it.' Hands up if you've seen that? Keep those hands up if you're not surprised when that project turns to custard? Dr. Jason Fox, the author of The Game Changer, said that 'planning gets in the way of doing, but only when done badly.'

When projects don't take the time to build a culture at the planning stage, stakeholder engagement is low, and the opportunity to create a guiding coalition to implement the changes required (as recommended by the great John Kotter) is lost. A project will forever look like this even if it has the detail required to make it a success.

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