AI in Project Management

Easier, Better, Faster: AI in Project Management

By Paul Crosby on Business Analyst Blog

A Google search for "AI and project management" brings up millions of articles about the subject. Even from a cursory look at the headlines, you can see project management professionals feel conflicted about the rise of artificial intelligence.

While many project managers are excited about how much easier and efficient their jobs may become, others seem skeptical — and worry AI will take their jobs. “It’s impressive, and sort of unsettling,” writes Meeta Sharma at Brightpod, “to see the extent to which smart machines are taking over so many of the day-to-day jobs across the world.”

There's no doubt that AI is here to change the way businesses oversee projects. Here we explore some of those changes and predict what everyday life will soon look like for project managers.

AI Will Free Up Time

Vegard Kolbjørnsrud, Richard Amico, and Robert J. Thomas, and writing at Harvard Business Review, report that project managers spend over half of their productive time on administrative tasks. The Accenture researchers argue that managers at any level who want to remain successful will let the bots do this kind of work.

For example, some project managers spend hours putting reports together. With improved AI, the software will be able to carry out all or most of these arduous tasks. In return, the PM can spend more time motivating their team, designing effective strategies and solving problems.

Another way AI will help save time is by cutting down on the number of apps you use in a day. Think about how much time you spend switching among the six or more apps you use at work.

Right now, you may have to move information across apps that don't play nicely together. Sometimes, you have to go searching through your various apps to find that one piece of information you need. It's a waste of your valuable time, and AI is here to help.

Industry analysts Tom Austin, Mark Hung, and Magnus Revang compiled a groundbreaking report that predicts the future of AI in project management.

“Instead of scores or hundreds of apps (of which individuals typically depend on 4-to-6 in any given day), we expect [business] people to rely on multiple agents that will learn their needs and preferences and do their bidding, providing proactive, context-sensitive support almost everywhere,” the researchers write. In fact, they expect this conversational AI to be essential in many workplaces by 2021.

You Can Save Otherwise-Doomed Projects

How many times has a huge problem come seemingly out of nowhere to take your project off track? It’s incredibly stressful and can derail your business. Soon, these last-minute scares will be a thing of the past, thanks to AI.

Well-designed AI can accomplish this because its reporting is just better. A project manager's reporting may slightly change based on how optimistic they feel at the moment. Furthermore, the combined pressure of looming deadlines, frustrating colleagues and home stressors can affect a person's ability to input data accurately. Bots are not subject to these whims.

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