Bad Planning Habits to Kick

4 Bad (Planning) Habits to Kick this Year

After being on the road these last two weeks presenting at project planning conferences and talking to hundreds of project practitioners, I have come to a simple realization...we have accepted and implemented some poor planning habits in our industry that prevent us from producing accurate and achievable plans, faster. 

If the overarching objective of project planning is to establish a model (in a timely manner) that best reflects what we believe will be reality, then why are CPM tools not enabling us to achieve this goal? Because the use of these tools has taught us some bad planning habits – habits that we need to kick if we want to build better plans in a more efficient manner.

1.   Start-From-Scratch Planning

What do you see when you fire up a CPM tool and start to build a new project? Not much right? You typically see a blank workbook into which you are expected to start building out your masterpiece schedule. With today's technology isn’t it a bit strange that this is the case? Wouldn’t we be better off somehow telling the computer a little bit about the context of what we are building and let the computer guide us through the building of our plan? 

One of the resounding sentiments I picked up from my trip was the fact that organizations are getting more and more concerned with losing project expertise through conditions like workforce retirement.

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