Essential Guide to Printing Layouts in P6

By Mary Williams on

Primavera P6 provides the ability to display project schedule information using “Layouts”. Layouts are customizable views of project information and are the primary method for printing Gantt Charts, Profiles, Spreadsheets, and Trace Logic views. Schedules are tough to read and all members of the project team can benefit from an easier way to interpret their schedules. Did you know that you can customize the display of schedule information by using the Layout Options Bar?

The Layout Options Bar is used to create customized layouts that fulfill your project reporting requirements. The Layout Options Bar is located in the Activities Window.

The Layout Options Bar enables you to customize/incorporate the following (in addition to other options):

  • Bars
  • Columns
  • Table Font & Row
  • Group & Sort
  • Filters
This Primavera P6 training tutorial addresses the procedures for printing the Layouts once you have customized them to your needs.

Step 1: Open the layout that you want to print using the Layout Options Bar. The layout displayed below is: X – Current vs. Baseline Bars. This layout includes the Activity Table on the left and the Gantt chart on the right. The Gantt chart includes both current and baseline bars. Click the Print Preview icon on the toolbar (see yellow arrow).

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