Essential project update schedules checks

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So it’s that time of the month that we all need to submit our periodic update to the client, we inserted the progress and resolved the out of sequence and we checked the longest path. Are we good to go?

I think we are so far from being done without running the following checks:

I will assume that the progress was inserted and the log was checked and the out of sequence was resolved, there are only two open ended activities & there is no progress beyond the data date.

1 – Run a claim digger report between the current update and the previous update, and make sure there are no budgeted data changed unless you did the change intentionally due to a change order for example, that’s include:

  • Original duration
  • Budgeted labor units
  • Budgeted non labor units

Fig 1 – Claim Digger report

2- Run the following filters:

A. Activity status = In progress & % Complete= 0

That could happen when you have a physical % complete or you forgot to update the remaining duration. Make sure that this filter is blank or all the activities in that filter either review and approve activities by the owner or change orders issuing activities by the owner since you don’t have information about the owner progress and you can treat it either 0% or 100% only.

B.  Activity status = Completed & % Complete less than 100

This filter results should always be blank, it may occur when use the physical % and you actualized the actual finish date then unchecked it later while you forgot to update the % complete.

C. Activity status = Not Started & % complete > 0

This filter result should always be blank as well, that may occur when you un- progress an activity while you using physical % complete.

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