How Can Capital Projects Delivery Start Taking Advantage of AI

How Can Entities Involved in Capital Projects Delivery Can Start Taking Advantage of Artificial Intelligence When It Comes to Managing Their Projects?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Big Data are closely interconnected as AI is the output of Big Data, it is the intelligence that results from the processed everyday data captured during capital projects delivery life cycle phases. Therefore, to start taking of artificial intelligence, those entities need to start building their big data. They need to collect data from every project management process performed during the project life cycle phases across their complete projects portfolio to provide valuable learning information for artificial intelligence applications. Artificial intelligence is a form of computing that allows machines to perform cognitive functions, such as acting or reacting to input, similar to the way humans do.

Nevertheless, the issue that faces the construction industry is that it continues to be to be among the least digitized. This means that the majority of the everyday data generated from delivering those projects will continue to be wasted and not captured in a way that will benefit this industry.

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