How to present a Schedule in 2 minutes

By Davide Catuzzato - Asia Pacific Director Project Control - Amec Foster Wheeler

How many time we have been in the situation of presenting a project schedule having 2 or 3 minute time slots?

How difficult is to capture the audience attention and being capable to deliver the right message within the few minutes given.

Today, I wanna share a simple chart I have been using in the last few years and it is quite effective, especially during the tender phase and clients’ presentation.

Having developed a level 2 schedule and identified the potential criticality, it is always quite challenging to prepare a Gantt or projecting a Primavera layout and being capable to explain in details the critical paths in 2 minute time.

Based on the MRT or Underground or Metro’ network chart, I have been capable to overcome to this issue and presenting the schedule main criticalities capturing the audience interest and attention.

Best is to prepare the speech and explain to the forum the schedule evolution, strategy and time line having the control of the Power Point presentation. More effective if you associate few key dates to the most important train stations. Watch the video I’m sure it will help some of you.

Source: LinkedIn Pulse

Tags: Planning , Rapportage
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