How Will AI Change the Contact Centre Industry?

Experts reflects on how Artificial Intelligence could change the contact centre industry in the near future.

We’ll only notice Artificial Intelligence if it has been poorly implementeer

We’ll increasingly find that Artificial Intelligence (AI) for customer contact effectively becomes invisible. We’ll only notice it when it’s a particularly poor implementation or if there’s a sudden incremental increase in functionality.

Routine transactions will be automated

Artificial Intelligence is poised to make the most of the exponential rise in computing power – but for the customer contact sector it’s still essential to have a human touch.

In line with this, I think we will see two increasingly different types of customer engagement:

  • Routine transactions that will be largely automated.
  • Higher-value, more complex customer service engagements that will still be handled by trained customer service agents, but increasingly backed by much smarter systems for assisted service.
So if in a few years’ time you’re engaging via a virtual assistant, and the interaction seems to be taking a few seconds longer than usual, it’s quite likely that the Artificial Intelligence has identified the need for additional support and has reached out to a live agent.

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