My Top Sources For Construction Cost Data

by Doina Dobre, P.Eng, GSC

The following are my top data sources for construction cost estimating. I use them successfully in my detail, or conceptual cost estimating. They apply to most of the construction markets, from buildings to many types of industrial and infrastructure projects. Of course, nothing beats the actual cost data that we collect from completed projects. Well, unless you work for a company that has a rich feed of data from the field, you will find yourself in a position to reach to outside resources.

John S. Page Estimating Manuals

Excellent resource for activity based production rates. All these books are available in print format from Barnes & Noble and Amazon.

  • Estimator's Equipment Installation Man-Hour Manual
  • Estimator's Piping Man-Hour Manual
  • Estimator's General Construction Man-hour Manual
  • Cost Estimating Manual for Pipelines and Marine Structures
  • Estimator's Man-Hour Manual on Heating, Air Conditioning, Ventilating, and Plumbing
  • Conceptual Cost Estimating Manual
  • Estimator's General Construction Man-hour Manual
  • Estimator's Electrical Man-Hour Manual

RS Means Yearly Cost Data Books

A great resource for construction cost data. While the costs apply to the US market, with some Canadian coverage, it is still a great resource for crew composition and production rates. The books are available for sale on the RS Means website,

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