P6 EPPM Is Not A Replacement For Primavera P6 Professional

by Michael Lepage, Top Primavera P6 Educator via PlanAcademy.com

Everyone assumes P6 EPPM is a web-based replacement for P6 Professional. And perhaps that’s what they were told by marketing, but since P6 EPPM’s release, it’s been pretty clear to some that P6 EPPM cannot do what Primavera P6 Professional can do.

And vice versa – P6 EPPM excels at some processes that P6 Professional can’t dream of doing.

P6 Professional users who have experimented with replacing their beloved windows-based planning tool with P6 EPPM have been sadly disappointed – and more often, very frustrated. Many have reported reverting to P6 Professional, abandoning attempts to squeeze value out of P6 EPPM.

The problem we have is not entirely the software. It’s more likely what we’ve been told about the software and what it will do.

Maybe you’ve heard that P6 EPPM is a web-based version of P6 Professional. Maybe we all just assumed.

But let me take you on a deep-dive of how to best leverage both of these tools.

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Tags: Cloud , Primavera
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