Primavera P6 and the bars label mystery

There is a mystery to the Primavera P6 bars dialog feature. How is it that bar definitions with no labels, never-the-less, have labels? Let’s explore this riddle.

Since its invention by Henry Gantt circa 1910, the Gantt chart has become the standard for almost every commercial scheduling software tool developed in recent years. Primavera P6 Professional of course is no exception and indeed it’s fairly certain that Mr. Gantt would be very pleased to see his invention still thriving well over 100 years after he created it. In the Primavera P6 Gantt chart there are some very powerful and flexible tools that allow you to customize the chart’s appearance to suite all manner of requirement. Included in those features is the ability to label Gantt chart bars.

This article explains the bars dialog conundrum how bar definitions with no apparent bar labels still have bar labels.

In Primavera P6 the Gantt chart’s appearance is determined by a range of settings and options in the P6 Bars dialog. To access this dialog right-click on the Gantt chart, and then pick the bars… option from the resulting dialog, Figure 1

In the bars dialog scroll down to see the full list of different bar types available to you, in the particular layout you are viewing, Figure 2.

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