Primavera P6 and the Longest Path


There is more to showing THE Critical Path in Primavera than your project manager can imagine. Primavera allows you to change certain settings to define the criticality of activities: you can define a threshold value for total float, or choose for the longest path instead of a total float-based critical path.

It is likely that you are interested in all activities that drive a certain milestone. And it makes much more sense to monitor the longest path towards this milestone instead of the critical path defined by total float. This very useful option is however a little bit hidden in Primavera P6 and I desperately want to share it with you! It is a method I use on EVERY SINGLE PROJECT.

Total Float vs Longest Path

Standard settings in Primavera P6 define critical activities as activities with “Total Float less than or equal to 0” (ref. red rectangle in picture below). One can choose to change this “0” to any positive or negative value according to the analysis in mind.

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