Project Value Controls with Balanced Scorecards

Balanced Scorecards are widely used among business and industry, governments and non-profit organizations. 

However, they are not so much discussed within Project Management and Project Controls, in particular. So, you might wonder why Primaned is writing about them?

If you have been following our blog, you might have read a post questioning the traditional approach of Project Management, focused on the fulfillment of the so-called triple constraint (scope, time and cost). As it was referred, project success is shaped not only by its immediate results but, and above all, by the difference these results will make to stakeholders in the long run, that is, the added value of the project.

This is the basis of a new trend in Project Management. With it, a broader view on projects is established, where these assume strategic relevance. In fact, modern projects are conceived by organizations (public or private) as instruments to carry out their strategies. The value of a project is determined, in this context, by its contribution to the strategy realization and, so, to the whole organization performance.

A bridge must then exist to connect projects to the business and its strategy , that can be attained with Balance Scorecards.

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