Tactics To Understand A Schedule

4 Tactics To Understand A Schedule You Didn’t Build

You stepped into work today and were suddenly whisked away to a meeting, only to hear that you will be taking over full responsibility for someone else’s project plan and schedule. Whether you like it or not you will have to tackle understanding this new schedule. So what now!? Before you freak out in a quiet little corner, breathe and take the first steps of trying to understand as much as you can of the Primavera P6 schedule you’ve just been handed.

Here are 4 tactics that you can utilize to avoid getting overwhelmed when taking over someone else’s schedule, whether it is a straightforward plan or disastrous abomination.

1. Figure Out How The Plan Was Created By Reviewing All Documentation

Ask for ALL supporting documentation before you try to unravel your new schedule.

Here’s a list of what you should inquire about:

  • Request the Project Charter
  • Ask for the approved Work Estimate
  • Ask for any Scoping docs
  • Ask for any relevant Drawings
  • Request all Specification documents
  • Get and read any relevant Contractual documents
  • Is there a Document Repository on a file share somewhere these and other documents might be located? Find out and start getting up to speed.

2. Look At The Bigger Picture – Dates, Durations, Deadlines

Don’t get lost in the little details of project execution and controls.

Find the 4 key project dates and analyze them:

  • Planned Finish Date
  • Planned Start Date
  • Data Date
  • Must Finish By Date – the project’s Deadline
  • Make sure these dates line up correctly. For example: ensure the Data Date is within the bounds of the Planned Start and Finish Dates.

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