Top Down Estimation in Primavera P6

How Top Down Estimation in Primavera P6 works

Have you ever wondered what "Top Down Estimation" function in Primavera P6 is and how you can utilize it? Check this tutorial to learn how.

In Primavera, there is a function called Top Down Estimation, which helps you calculate an estimated figure for Labor and Non-labor unit based on “estimation weights”. Top Down Estimation can be applied to both the WBS and Activity.

This blog will show you how Top Down Estimation works in Primavera P6.

Consider a simple project, where each activity is assigned the resource “Test”. By default, each activity has 40 units. We will use Top Down Estimation to redistribute the units to make it more realistic.

To perform top down estimation, you must first assign estimation weights to WBS and activities. These estimation weights are used to determine how units are distributed among WBS and activities.

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