What is High-Level Resourcing?

by Michael Lepage, Top Primavera P6 Educator via PlanAcademy.com

We all know how versatile Primavera P6 is as a planning, scheduling and project resource management tool. P6 can handle incredibly detailed project schedules where you can plan and track thousands of work tasks by the hour.

But Primavera P6 is also an ideal tool for creating high-level project plans and schedules. High-level resourcing is the process of planning your resource needs across a high-level project plan.

What is a high-level project plan?

You’ve probably hear the term Level 4 schedule or Level 5 schedule. According toAACE (American Association of Cost Engineering), Engineering and Construction projects (other types too) adhere to different schedule levels of detail. AACE defines Levels 0 through to 5, where a Level 0 schedule is essentially a single bar and a Level 5 schedule is a very detailed work task schedule broken down by categories like phase, discipline and work area. It is possible, and sometimes necessary, to go beyond Level 5.

A high-level project plan (or schedule) is usually a Level 1 or a Level 2 schedule. The detail of the work remains at the gross level, showing only the major components of the project (eg: Design, Engineering, Procurement, Construction, etc.).

Why resource-load a high-level project plan?

Resource-loading a high-level project schedule can help you assess your overall resource demands and can be an aid in the resource planning process.

By performing high-level resourcing you can start to better assess when teams are going to be needed, where there might be lulls in work and how many resources you are going to need.

And of course a high-level resource plan will also help you forecast your costs and cash flow at a high-level as well.


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