10 Apps Every Contractor Should Know About

We’ve all become accustomed to using our smartphones for vital things like banking and email, but did you ever think you would be using it to track where you last left your tools? Mobile apps are helping to speed up business processes and make it easier to access and record information. And new innovative apps are helping construction professionals get results too.

In 2014, 36% of construction firms use more than 5 different mobile apps according to a recent survey by Canvas – a cloud-based service that lets companies replace manual paper work with mobile apps.

The survey results were collected from more than 1,600 top level decision makers who were dependent on manual processes. In the construction industry here’s what apps most used for:

  • 49% for work orders
  • 31% for checklists
  • 61% for inspections

Check out what’s trending in Construction apps. Here are 10 construction apps that you should know about.

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Source: PlanAcademy.com

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