ALAP Constraint: How To Use It In Primavera P6

How do you use the As Late As Possible Constraint in Primavera P6 and what exactly does this constraint do?

Ever been confused by Primavera P6’s As Late As Possible constraint? If you’re a still familiarizing yourself with P6’s many features, you might not be sure what the As Late As Possible constraint does or when to use it.

I had Avi ask me that question recently and decided to put this informative video together. I had a chance to practice my whiteboard skills and hopefully you’ll understand how the As Late As Possible constraint affects activities, and their Free Float in Primavera P6.

On a technical note, I was a bit disappointed with the auto whitebalance setting on my camera that led to the brightening and darkening of the video at random. But, as they say, why be perfect when good is good enough.

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Tags: Primavera , Planning
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