BASIS 2.0 is coming in June!

BASIS is your AI planning assistant and hub for planning information

BASIS 2.0 delivers realistic plans with some exciting enhancements. 

  • Redesigned Knowledge Library: Faster, easier means of including history, standards, and details in the Knowledge Library to augment plan creation and benchmarking.
  • New Knowledge Tags: Give your 'project knowledge' context and improve the suggestions BASIS makes, even adjusting durations/costs based upon Knowledge Tag values.
  • 'Always-On' Benchmarking and Analytics: With better suggestions and visualization of comparative benchmarks, BASIS is 'always-on,' providing guidance when building or evaluating plans.
  • Simplified Markup: A new way to capture buy-in and feedback from project stakeholders in a simple survey-style scorecard.  
  • Learn BASIS Faster: Basic tutorials are now included in every trial to accelerate your use of BASIS and the benefit it delivers.
  • Single Sign-On: Log in to BASIS with your corporate credentials.

To access BASIS 2.0, please visit the website

Tags: Planning , Analyse
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