Deltek Releases PM Compass 8.0

Deltek has released PM Compass 8.0 and like the other Deltek PPM tools, mildly observant users will notice the jump from version 2.x to 8.0. All of the Deltek PPM tools are moving to version 8.0 this year. One key benefit of this, is that the new version numbering system allows users and administrators to know that their different Deltek PPM tools are compatible with each other. This, of course, makes things a lot simpler going forward.

This latest release of PM Compass has been largely driven by user input and so the enhancements you see are a result of direct customer feedback. Let’s take a look at what’s in PM Compass 8.0.

What’s New in PM Compass

PM Compass 8.0 introduces a bunch of new features and improvements including in the areas of Progressing and Change Management. PM Compass 8.0 now makes it much make it easier to gather and disseminate project information. These include several new reports, including a new Assignment History Report to help identify bottlenecks in users processes.

Example Assignment History ReportAssignment History Report

User Interface Improvements

As previously mentioned, the jump to 8.0 brings a consistent user interface, look and feel, icons, etc. making using more than one tool in the Deltek PPM suite much easier.

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