Epicflow Introduces New Feature 

Epicflow Introduces New Feature to Improve High-Level Overview of Multiple Projects

Epicflow’s mission has always been to make complex multi-project environments easy to lead and manage. As their next step, the Epicflow team has enhanced their product suite with the Dazzle Dashboard release.

Glow Management Nederland B.V. has announced a major release of its Epicflow analytical web-based software for managing multiple projects. Realizing that business leaders still lack control and a holistic overview of their multi-thousand-task projects from a single place, Epicflow has rolled out a Dazzle Dashboard release to get you on top of your projects in real-time.
Epicflow has already redefined project management standards for electrical engineering, manufacturing, shipbuilding, construction, health care and software development by moving from a single-project to a multi-project perspective. “The right information at the right time leads our clients to better decisions. They can be in control and feel much more powerful,” says Yuri Warczynski, co-creator of Epicflow and member of the advisory board. Enhancements to Epicflow with this new release include:

Real-time project trends with Bubble Graph in the Dashboard

A dashboard with a bubble graph neatly displays trends across multiple projects. It allows C-levels to see detailed project flow across time and detect projects that need urgent attention. The purpose of the graph is to visualize the progress of several ongoing projects in a way that ensures that project managers can act while they’re still in control and able to change the situation. Instant animations can show stakeholders how projects are developing over time.

Moving milestones: fix the weakest link in a few clicks

A newly added Pipeline feature lets users adjust planning in real time. Due dates of milestones can be moved, triggering the system to re-plan everything on the fly. By moving milestones, it’s possible to find a resource schedule that fits each milestone so you can finish projects on time and avoid bottlenecks.

Support for multiple resource pools

Epicflow integrates data from Jira, MS Project, Primavera, and CSV to improve resource scheduling efficiency and add analytical value. The system allows project managers to import and consolidate resource pools from multiple departments that use different Jira and MS Project instances.

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