Full Monte 2017 is Now Available

Barbecana is pleased to announce the immediate availability of Full Monte 2017.

This release builds on the success of Full Monte 2016 and makes it even easier for customers to understand and explain the results of a schedule risk analysis. A new risk path analysis feature allows customers to identify multiple potential critical paths and their importance to project completion or a selected milestone.  The information can be depicted in a Gantt chart to clearly show how the various paths interact. 

Recognizing that complex projects often have multiple inputs, Full Monte 2017 allows uncertainty about dates of deliverables from external sources to be modeled.
Full Monte 2017 simplifies the modeling of risks associated with individual tasks with a new Task Existence Probability.  Other feature updates include user defined filters and highlighting, an option to ignore 'hard' constraint dates, and even faster analysis.

More info visit www.barbecana.com

To view the Getting Started Guide for Full Monte 2017 click here .

Tags: MS Project , Risicomanagement
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