How To Print To PDF in Primavera P6 Professional

By Michael Lepage - PlanAcademy (Online Primavera P6 Training Community)

Primavera P6 Professional is no doubt a great tool for managing large-scale construction and engineering projects. One of P6’s crowning glories is that it can handle huge schedules ( up to 100,000 Activities) with ease. Yes, working with loads of project data works great, but many find that getting the data in and out is not always a piece of cake.

Printing to a printer is mostly easy enough (although make sure you set up your print preview settings before you click Print as we’ll discuss) in the software and it has always generated a wonderful image a of Gantt chart cut and strewn across 50 pages for me. But if you or your company are going paperless or if you deliver any sort of Primavera P6 report via email or electronically, then you’ll want to know how to print to PDF in Primavera P6.

And that’s what I’m hoping you can master by the end of this write-up. So let’s get started.

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