Introducing the Concept of Predictive Planning

By Dr. Dan Patterson, PMP

When was the last time you manually calculated how many miles a road trip will be vs. relying on Siri or Google Maps? Probably almost never. The question is then: Why don't we use this same intelligent concept when planning our projects? BASIS is the latest innovation in project planning...our latest blog explores Predictive Planning and how BASIS helps us get from point A to B.

Do you remember the number of times you have had to manually check your Word document for spelling errors? How many times a day do you explicitly type a recipient’s email address when compiling an email? How often do you mentally calculate how many miles a journey is when planning a road trip? The answer, of course, is never. Today, we rely on computers to store and, more importantly, recall knowledge, eliminating the need for us to carry out repetitive and mundane tasks.

Why then do traditional project planning tools provide next to no guidance to a planner when building a project schedule? Suggestions regarding durations, guidance on whether the sequence of work is correct, warnings about erroneous building blocks such as open-ended tasks, etc. For the past twenty years, project planning tools have been reactive – waiting for you to enter data – instead of proactively offering suggestions and helping users input meaningful data. Project planning needs an overhaul, and I believe that should be in the form of what I am going to call “Predictive Planning.”

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