Logikal 2019 Project Controls Survey

The annual project controls survey has helped us address some of what we believe to be the key issues facing our industry over recent years and identify key enablers to the delivery of successful projects. Year on year our survey respondents have told us that there is an increasing importance being placed on project controls and an increasing association with project success but that there have been blockers encountered that have prevented widespread adoption.
As we move in to the final year of an eventful decade that has seen highs and lows in the world of major projects, we are seeking to further investigate many of the critical questions and emerging issues we believe our industry faces in addition to some of our usual survey questions as a means of benchmarking improvements and changes.
It should take approximately 10-15 minutes to complete and as a participant we will be happy to share the overall findings of the survey with you once complete.

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Tags: Projectmanagement
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