Proteus and Trimergo join forces

Apeldoorn/Waardenburg, the Netherlands – September 2016

The aim of the group is to bundle expertise and culture of specialized ERP suppliers with a proper size for international expansion and innovative R&D. At the moment, the group employs 70 professionals and has 900 customers in the Benelux, Great Britain, North America and other countries.

Proteus is a leading provider of a business software for interior construction, wood processing and outfitting in the Benelux countries. This perfectly complements Trimergo, which is active in shipbuilding, offshore/onshore energy, special machinery, equipment manufacturing and construction supply. All these project-driven companies deliver products based on customer specification and the functionality required in their market segment. For this reason the distinctiveness of the software solutions will remain intact, although customers on both sides will benefit from the bundled expertise. Proteus is well known for its robust functionality for production management and Trimergo for its integrated planning for projects and resources.

Theo van den Berg, Managing Director Proteus: “The cooperation with Trimergo will offer powerful advantages to our customers in coming software versions, especially in planning. Besides, we can strengthen our position outside the Benelux countries while preserving the culture and customer involvement, which Proteus has stood for over the last 25 years.”

Wim Schrijver, CEO: “Proteus has an impressive record of service in the wood construction industry. The culture and product philosophy of Proteus perfectly matches Trimergo. We cherish the focus, specialisation and customer orientation of both companies enriching these with marketing and R&D power.”

About Proteus

Proteus Systems Europe BV and Proteus Arpa BV have been specialists in the development and implementation of project-based software solutions for interior construction, wood processing and outfitting for 25 years. As well as this, it is known for its advanced panel optimisation software; further, Proteus is a distributor of high-quality CAD/CAM systems IMOS and Alphacam. As a turnkey supplier, Proteus Systems can help customers in automating their whole process.

Proteus employs 25 professionals and is headquartered in Waardenburg, the Netherlands.

About Trimergo

Trimergo BV has been developing and implementing its ERP software for project-driven companies for more than 15 years. Unlike conventional ERP software, Trimergo T2 focuses on project-specific interactions between sales, engineering, procurement, production, assembly and service – it is a company-wide, purpose-built system. Trimergo supports (multi)national customers in onshore/offshore energy, shipbuilding, special machinery, equipment manufacturing and construction supply with its software.

Trimergo employs 45 professionals and is based in Apeldoorn, the Netherlands and Atlanta, USA.

Source : Trimergo News

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