Integrated Planning - 3D Project Control Cube

Integrating (project) planning in with other disciplines within the organization is a real challenge for many companies.

In the last 20-30 years’ departments have been organized based on their knowledge and skills in order to optimize their own performance. This however is a major bottleneck when transforming to a fully integrated project planning and management solution.

In my previous post ‘WBS – The Worst Breakdown System’ I discussed the need for more flexible and higher quality, and unique, structures. By creating more specific and uniform structures like a PBS (product) and a ‘clean’ WBS (work), activities can be defined in the matrix of these structures. And by creating an additional matrix of the OBS (organization) and the RBS (Resources) assignment of labor can take place at any appropriate (task) level.
Completing the Project Control Cube

As you know a cube has six sides, so to complete the Control Cube we have still to define two structures. The fifth structure in the cube will obviously be the CBS (cost) supporting finance in integration of cost elements in the dataset. Finally, the EPS (Enterprise Portfolio Structure) completes the list of six structures.

By defining these uniform structures, you can create a basis for the integration of discipline data related to any activity in a schedule.

Now that we defined the six sides of the cube we can add data to every task, at any level, in the project schedule database. This data can be pre-defined in the planning phase, before the schedule itself is created, and can be stored in project templates. Management of this data lies within the relevant departments, in this way they are integrating their information into the planning processes.

The 3D Project Control Cube opens up the possibility to visualize any data, for every discipline/department and executive level within the organization. Depending on your role you can view the data from the most relevant structure in the cube.

I have created a DIY 3D Project Control Cube just to visualize the possibilities and make it easier to explain. The 3D Project Control Cube can be downloaded here.

Let’s make planning and project control more integrated!

Ed van der Tak
Chairman SPIN

* First publication on 19-05-2016

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Ed van der Tak

Ed houdt zich bijna 30 jaar bezig in het vakgebied (Project) Planning & Management. Zijn 'roots' liggen in de petrochemie waarin hij als project planner de grote en complexe 'turn-arounds' ondersteunde. Vanaf '97 is hij als adviseur actief en ondersteund hij projectorganisaties bij geïntegreerd werken.
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