Intelligent resource scheduling for reduced TA durations

Published on Aug 1, 2016

In time critical applications such as Turnarounds, resource-loaded schedules have proven beneficial, however, the aerospace and other entities including NASA and Boeing, have learned that much of the benefits can be squandered when resource leveling (RL) is used instead of intelligent resource scheduling (IRS). 

By applying proven IRS to turnaround projects, flow-time reductions of 30%+ are possible versus RL. RL’s goal is to resolve over-allocations by delaying tasks to eliminate the over-allocations, but the efficiency of the resulting resource utilization is NOT a primary concern. At first glance this may not seem to be a major issue, however, it has been shown with small to large networks, significant differences (25%+) occur between RL and IRS results.

So without adding one extra resource, an entire project can be shortened significantly just by pressing a different button. Real-world Turnaround examples that have realized such improvements are provided.

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Tags: Planning , Capaciteitsmanagement
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