Phronetic Planning Research Paper

Phronetic Planning Research: Theoretical and Methodological Reflections

Planning Theory and Practice, Vol. 5, No. 3, pp. 283–306, September 2004, DOI: 10.1080/1464935042000250195.

By Bent Flyvbjerg

This article presents the theoretical and methodological considerations behind a research method which the author calls ‘phronetic planning research’. Such research sets out to answer four questions of power and values for specific instances of planning: (1) Where are we going with planning? (2) Who gains and who loses, and by which mechanisms of power? (3) Is this development desirable? (4) What, if anything, should we do about it? A central task of phronetic planning research is to provide concrete examples and detailed narratives of the ways in which power and values work in planning, with what consequences to whom, and to suggest how relations of power and values could be changed to work with other consequences. Insofar as planning situations become clear, they are clarified by detailed stories of who is doing what to whom. Clarifications of that kind are a principal concern for phronetic planning research and provide the main link to praxis.

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Tags: Planning
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